Bring out your authentic leadership superpowers from the inside out

What got you here is likely not working anymore. The same habits and mindsets you used decades ago won't take you to your next level of leadership. 1:1 coaching helps you develop deeper levels of self-awareness that will bring out your fullest aliveness and potential.

In coaching, you will learn to see your blindspots, maximize your strengths, and learn new practices that lead to greater energy and impact.

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In-depth Knowledge

This 1:1 coaching experience with Stephanie dives deep into the principles of conscious leadership and the wisdom of the Enneagram, providing you with a comprehensive set of tools and practices that will significantly uplevel your leadership skills.

Expert Guidance

Learn from Stephanie Freeth, a seasoned leadership coach, who will support and challenge you on your way to your next level of leadership.

Transformative Results

This 1:1 coaching program is designed to bring about significant changes in your leadership skills and effectiveness. It draws upon conscious leadership practices and the Enneagram to foster deeper self-awareness, resilience, and increased agility as a leader.

Imagine leading with more clarity, empathy, and purpose.

This coaching program equips you with the tools to become a more conscious, effective, collaborative leader.