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Who I Am and How I Can Help You coaching Mar 12, 2024

As an executive coach, I help leaders regain their power from the inside out. I am here to transform pain into power.

In 2014, after burning out after facing a major health crisis, I founded my consulting business as Adaptive Alternatives LLC. Almost a decade later, I realized that I am the face, brand, and heart of my company, so I updated my company name to Stephanie Freeth Coaching. My calling is to be so completely authentic that I inspire others to step into their own authenticity and life purpose and to unleash their full creative power an genius in the world.

In leadership and life, the inner game runs the outer game. When leaders learn who they are at their deepest core, the experiences they consciously create for themselves and others around them can drastically improve.

Since childhood, I have been driven by the question, “Why do people do what they do?” This question has led me to become a lifelong learner in a wide range of subjects, including trauma healing, leadership development, and quantum physics.

In my quest to heal the wounds, triggers, and blockages that led me to burnout and exhaustion, I have learned how to leverage my three centers of intelligence: IQ (intellect), EQ (emotional intelligence), and BQ (body intelligence). I teach people how to do the same for themselves in accordance with their unique needs and energy patterns.

Today I am also driven by the question, “How we as humans fulfill our highest potential so that we create a world we want to live in?"

I don’t coach at the surface. I accompany others into their depths to gain new awareness of what motivates them, what lights them up, and what derails them from living out their full potential. I’m not for everyone. My knowledge runs deep and wide. I will only share it with those who invite me to do so because they are ready for my guidance. I have immersed myself in traditional disciplines like business management, leadership development, and team communication. I also dove deep into fields that fascinated me, like trauma and the nervous system, somatic healing, quantum physics, the Enneagram, Quantum Human Design, sound healing, intuition, and channeling.

If you are considering working with me, it helps to know who I am and what I am here to be and do in the world.

 Who I am. What I am here to be and do.

  • I am here to transform pain into power. I use my ability to transform pain into growth and power to help others navigate through crisis and emerge empowered and aligned. 
  • I am an agent of change. My purpose in life is to share ideas and inspiration with others. I believe that when we change our internal landscape, the way we experience the world around us shifts. Internal change is what creates external shifts. The more people heal their divisions from within, the more we bring the change we want to see into our experience and the world.

Coaches can’t take people anywhere they haven’t been willing to go themselves. Because of that, I like to share some of the lessons I’ve learned and am still practicing as a way to share the type of growth experiences I bring to my work with clients.

How I Can Help You

  • I’m here to help leaders fulfill their purpose and potential. I accompany others into their depths to gain new awareness of what motivates them, what lights them up, what derails them from living out their potential.
  • I help leaders re-align their patterns. My insights and awareness give people the information they need to deepen their mastery and experience greater joy. 
  • I am an experienced, wise, and knowledgeable resource. I share my stories with others because my experiences open doorways of possibility for others.
  • My enthusiasm inspires others to trust in themselves and to take giant leaps in their growth.
  • I tune in with curiosity to possibility. I am inspired to explore new possibilities and potentials. I use the power of my thoughts to stretch the limits of what is known and engage my imagination to explore the potential of the unknown. My curiosity makes me a conduit of possibility thinking. I ask questions that stimulate imagination.
  • I see patterns that others don’t. Through observation and practice, I have a gift for seeing trees AND the forest. I can identify old patterns keeping people stuck.

If my story resonates with you, please reach out and let's chat more about how to turn on your full creative power from the inside out.